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Ice cream and chocolate festival – ICE CHOCO 2013



Well, the ice cream season has finally arrived! Surely each of you loves the sweet and refreshing taste that pampers our senses of different types of ice cream. Whether you like chocolate or prefer caramel, whether you’re in the mood for whipped cream or berries, you’ll find your favorite taste and aroma hidden in delicious ice cream.

So, what would you say, if I invite you for three days to the land of ice cream, where you can taste the most ingenious and appetizing desserts in the form of ice cream?

Between June 6 and 9, sweet eaters are invited to the Ice Choco Ice Cream Festival, which will take place at Bucharest Mall. The best specialists in the art of ice cream will meet here, offering you real edible works of art made of chocolate ice cream.


It is said that the value of an object or why not a type of food can be discussed after it has lasted over time.

The Ice Choco Ice Cream Festival invites you to a fairytale world, where any dream can come true. Here you will learn that a smile can represent the window to happiness and that the key to it can be hidden in a drop of ice cream. At this festival, there will be many contests and raffles, the winners being rewarded with ice cream, of course.

Hotel Alpin recommends the Ice Choco Ice Cream Festival and, at the same time, invites you to choose to enjoy the delicious ice cream desserts made available by the hotel’s restaurants and terraces during your summer vacation.



Nothing fits better than a walk on the mountain, in the middle of nature and a refreshing ice cream that will delight your senses and soul. Give yourself a well-deserved gift, spending unforgettable days that will charge your batteries for a new period of fire.

Choose to live beautifully and look around to notice that happiness is hidden in small things. Enjoy a delicious ice cream to find the right reason to smile.

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