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How important is the balance between career and family life

 width=The balance between professional and family life means allocating an equal amount of time to both segments of life, avoiding disfavoring one of them over the other. This balance does not come by itself and is the result of good organization and discipline. For those who manage to have fulfillment on both sides, it seems that the dream of having a happy family, but also a successful career is possible, and worth every effort.

 width=The conflict between family life and career

Why is this balance important? Because, although you may not realize it, the conflict between these “slices” of life has long-term repercussions on each of us and on colleagues and family members. Every action we do has an impact on those around us, not to mention the much-discussed health problems we can have and which are caused by stress, depression and anxiety. For those who want to reconcile both parts of their life, we recommend them to try a career as a freelancer, working from home, or from the beach – https://biroupeplaja.ro 🙂

 width=Specialists’ advice

Hotel Alpin thought that some steps to follow would be useful in order to escalate everyday worries with the minimum of effort, but with the maximum of satisfaction that will result from obtaining BALANCE.

  1. Set your priorities. Even if both family and professional life seem equally important to you, there are times when you have to choose. For example, when your child gets sick and you have to go to work, the right choice would be to stay at home with him and take care of him. The illness of a loved one is the priority of a normal work day. A counterexample: between a daily walk in the park and the preparation of an important meeting, on which your professional path depends, obviously, you must opt ​​for the second option. Don’t worry, you will learn along the way. It is important to remember that you have to alternate priorities: “today work comes first, tomorrow, if my children need me, the family will occupy the first place on the personal agenda.”
  2. Create a list of goals for the whole family and set a deadline: for example, to go on vacation every year.
  3. Review your work schedule regularly, as professional obligations change. If in certain periods, the work schedule is more relaxed, take advantage of that time and spend it with your family.
  4. Learn to manage your time and say “No”. If a colleague asks for help, and your schedule is full enough, don’t overwork yourself and politely refuse. It’s not the end of the world.
  5. Always be available to your family and don’t isolate yourself at work.

 width=A stay at Hotel Alpin is an important step towards the balance between family and career

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