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Five famous cocktails

 width=Have you ever stopped at a bar, and the bartender asked you “What do I serve you with?” and not knowing what to answer, totally blank, zero inspiration… Well…

Well….Depending on what you want to do at that moment… the right cocktail comes. A good bartender always knows what to recommend, prepare, present and be the “shoulder” you need when you need to talk. A good bartender can also be a good psychologist.

A good definition of a bartender would be that he is the person who serves alcoholic beverages in a specific location. We like to joke and call him a mixologist, which is not wrong because this expression is as correct as possible.

Once you’ve learned to appreciate a good cocktail and know very well the taste of the original recipe, don’t you get frustrated when you order a drink and get something that doesn’t even come close to what you knew?

Alpin will recommend you 5 of the most famous cocktails that our experienced bartenders recommend, prepared with top ingredients and which you can enjoy on the terrace of our hotel or in Gatsby Brasserie & Bar, the only club in Poiana Brașov.



• 40 ml white rum

• 30 ml fresh lime juice

• 6 fresh mint leaves

• 2 teaspoons of brown sugar

• Mineral water

• Crushed ice

Method of preparation:

In a measuring cup, mix mint, sugar and lime juice. Add ice and pour rum on top, then mineral water. Decorate with a sprig of mint and serve with a straw.

In Cuba, they use Yerba Buena, another variety of mint. The combination of tastes and aromas of this cocktail made it the most popular summer cocktail. Probably also because it has a small percentage of alcohol.


• 40 ml Citron Vodka

• 15 ml Cointreau

• 15 ml fresh lime juice

• 30 ml of cranberry juice

Method of preparation:
Add all the ingredients to a shaker filled with ice. Shake well and pour into a cocktail glass. Decorate with a slice of lime. The drink should have a light pink color.

This cocktail gained its popularity thanks to the series Sex and the City in which the actress Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw) together with her friends constantly ordered Cosmo.



• 35 ml Tequila

• 20 ml Cointreau

• 15 ml fresh lime juice

Method of preparation:

You need a margarita glass. Rub the edge of the glass with a slice of lime, then insert the glass into the salt, so that the edge of the glass is completely covered with salt. Add ice + all the ingredients to the shaker, shake, then carefully pour into the glass without disturbing the salt. Decorate with a slice of lime and add a few whole ice cubes to the glass.

Margarita is a cocktail that comes from Mexico and is the most common cocktail based on tequila.



• 30 ml white rum

• 30 ml of coconut milk

• 90 ml of pineapple juice

Method of preparation:
Mix all the ingredients plus crushed ice in a shaker until homogenized. Pour into a Poco Grande glass, decorate with a slice of pineapple, umbrella and straw. Pina Colada has been the official drink of Puerto Rico since 1978. They also celebrate Pina Colada National Day.
 width=Long Island Iced Tea


• 15 ml Vodka

• 15 ml Tequila

• 15 ml white rum

• 15 ml Triple Sec

• 15 ml Gin

• 25 ml of lemon juice

• 30 ml of syrup

• a little Coke

Method of preparation:
In a glass, mix all the ingredients, add ice, mix and decorate. It is the cocktail with the highest concentration of alcohol.

We hope you liked our article and we are waiting for you to spend the weekend at Alpin, in Gatsby Brasserie & Bar, in any of our restaurants or at Vitarium Spa.

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