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Dancing City – Dance celebration

Dance expresses a state of the soul. Elegant or rhythmic, with imposed or improvised steps, dancing is the form of movement preferred by most young people. Through dancing you can meet new people, you can get closer to people dear to you, expressing your feelings in an easy way.


The dance is felt!” this is what Carmen Lidia Vidu and Dani Ioniță said to themselves when they set up Dancing City, a project of dance, photography and vibrant color, unique in Romania. This project gathered big names from the world of dance, choreographers, ballerinas or street-performers who proved that dance has no limits. A real marathon of dance, a unique symbiosis between different dance styles, Dancing City easily reaches the heart of young people eager for something new. This project also represents a manifest against daily monotony, an exhortation to express our feelings simply and without hiding.
 width=Redd’s is the one who believed in this project and helped make it happen. The amalgamation of lemon, beer and ice quenched the thirst of the Dancing City participants and gave them the necessary energy to continue dancing to their own rhythm. Dancing City took place last year in 4 major socio-cultural centers of the country: Bucharest, Brașov, Cluj and Timișoara and was a success beyond the expectations of the organizers, offering young people the opportunity to give voice to their most hidden desires and feelings through dictated movements of soul.
 width=In Brașov, Dancing City participants were delighted by the urban beauties, they walked, danced and took pictures, then got lost in the wonderful surrounding landscape, admiring the spectacle of nature. Here they met four other great dancers chosen by Redd’s and gave free rein to their imagination, expressing themselves through movement. The tourists staying at the Alpin Hotel in Poiana Brasov fully enjoyed the Dancing City dance project, easily fitting into the atmosphere created. They are looking forward to the second edition of this project, which will certainly be livelier and will attract more sympathizers.
 width=Hotel Alpin encourages the free expression of life, banishing the moments of monotony by movement and good mood, causing the organizers of the Dancing City project to come back with a new challenge to the delight of those who will spend their vacation in the middle of nature and look for unforgettable moments.

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