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Brukenthal Summer Palace


History give rise to history. If we know our history, we will succeed in appreciating our country at its true value and at the same time in writing new pages of history that will endure over time. History is not written only in books. It can also be known wandering the country, looking for places where important decisions were once made and that led to the formation and then the maintenance of this warm and welcoming people, called Romania.

One such place is the Brukenthal Summer Palace, which is a hidden jewel in the heart of the country, worth visiting and whose story is worth knowing. The history of this place dates back 250 years, more precisely from 1756, when Petru Brukenthal built the Palace that bears his name, defining the architectural elegance and enhancing the beauty of the place.

 width= The Brukenthal summer palace is located in Avrig, in the middle of the Oranjeria park, offering an oasis of peace and coolness to Romanian and foreign tourists who are looking for unforgettable moments. Desired and coveted by many royal personalities both from Romania and from other parts, the Brukenthal summer residence remained in the heritage of our country, being restored and entering the tourist circuit with fresh strength in 2011. Until that year, the great Palace had hosted a sanatorium who diminished its greatness from the past.

The park of the Brukenthal summer residence is the only baroque park in Romania, impressing with its architecture, becoming a garden-monument of Southern Transylvania that is worth visiting. Among the strict, symmetrical shapes that characterize the park, a romantic artesian fountain makes its way, which cools you down on hot summer days.

 width=If in the past the Brukenthal Summer Palace impressed with its riches, hosting one of the most valuable painting galleries in the world, now it is fighting to keep its value and brilliance from being erased and forgotten.


Being only 100 Km away from Poiana Brașov, Hotel Alpin invites its clients to visit and enjoy the beauties offered by the Brukenthal Summer Palace Tourist Complex, thus discovering another, more smiling and greener face of Romania.

 width=Alpin Hotel proposes you to spend your vacation in a way that will pamper your senses, relax your body, delight your eyes and at the same time, delight your desire for knowledge, getting to know priceless places where the true treasures of our country are hidden, one such treasure being the Brukenthal Summer Palace.


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