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A hedgehog for winter holidays

There are moments to receive and there are moments to give. The holidays are the perfect excuse to give. We spend hours looking for the perfect gift for those close to our hearts. Some want knitted socks or hats; others trips or lots of chocolate. Others just want our presence, time and love. And we try to offer them exactly what they want.


And because at Hotel Alpin, we are dedicated to preparing the most creative dishes for our customers, today we thought of offering you one of the recipes recommended by the chefs of our restaurants.


There is never enough time to design and arrange the festive table, to arrange ourselves and the whole family. We come to your aid with the recipe for this dish made by our skilled chefs, an extremely simple dish that is full of imagination. This recipe is extremely easy to make, it doesn’t require many or hard-to-find ingredients, and your guests will be delighted by the creativity you show in the kitchen.


The ingredients you need can be found in any housewife’s kitchen:

  • A big raw cabbage
  • Aluminum foil
  • Skewers sticks
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Smoked cheese
  • Cucumbers
  • Ham
  • Salted cheese (it must be hard because it will be cut into pieces. If you choose a crumbly type of cheese, it is not ok)
  • Olives (must be pitted ones)

The choice of the other ingredients is up to you and your appetite. You can choose to make skewers with meat, mice, liver pulled in a pan…. In particular, we want to specify that the choice of ingredients is up to you.


We present you the recipe that was the most successful.

The first step you have to do is to wrap the cabbage in aluminum foil so that the cabbage is not visible at all. Place the cabbage with the spine down either on a support or on a plate, and then you can start preparing the skewers. If it doesn’t fit, unfold it and cut it at the bottom.

You will have 3 types of combinations. Some skewers will be with tomatoes and cheese, others with cucumber and cheese, and others with ham. As you make the skewers, stick them into the cabbage carefully, not to break the aluminum foil. Try to arrange the skewers all over the surface of the cabbage to create the appearance of a delicious hedgehog.

You can sprinkle the vegetables with a mixture of lemon and oil to have a better taste.


As a variety, you can make a great fruit hedgehog. You can use kiwi, strawberries, grapes, cherries and whatever other fruits you want or seasonal fruits.

Or if you want to impress your guests with more refined tastes, you can opt for a sea urchins made from seafood and French cheeses.


Thank you for following us and we wish you happy and peaceful holidays with your loved ones!

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