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5 O’Clock Tea or Coffee?

 width=It is said that tea is the most popular drink in the whole world, disputing its supremacy for the first place with the no less famous coffee. It is not a play on words, but only a fact as real as possible.

What is the first thing you do after you get out of bed? Okay…. ok… second thing. You go make yourself a tea or a coffee.

Tea has many more benefits for the body than coffee, so for our health it is much more advisable to consume tea than coffee. I will not present you a graphic with many figures indicating the level of tea consumed by every person or which is the country where the most or least tea is consumed.

If we were to choose at random one of the benefits is that despite the caffeine, tea hydrates.

It would be preferable not to consume tea only when we are sick/cold, but to educate ourselves and instill in our children the love of tea, to eat healthy and to have a correct lifestyle.


The clients of our hotel, after an exhausting day of skiing on any of the slopes of Poiana Brașov, starting with Drumul Roșu or Lupului, can take refuge in the privacy of the hotel room by ordering a tea from room service. After such a day, we recommend a massage session at the Vitarium Spa and sauna, followed by a swim in the semi-Olympic pool. You will feel like a new person the next day.


We will present you two tea recipes, refreshing and full of energy, that are indicated for the weather outside.


Black tea with cognac

  • Put the water to boil and when it is close to boiling, turn off the heat and put the black tea bag in the kettle, cover and leave for 10 minutes;
  • In a small bowl, put some sugar cubes over which you pour the brandy until they are covered and so that they are well soaked;
  • Pour the tea into the cup/mug and place a teaspoon containing a sugar cube on top of the cup;
  • Light the sugar cube with a lighter until it catches fire, then dissolve it in the tea
  • Enjoy


Orange and lemon tea

  • Cut into cubes 2 orange slices and 1 lemon slice
  • You put them in the cup (your generosity when it comes to the size of the teacup should have no limits);
  • Pour 2 teaspoons of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon powder, mix well until it resembles a lemonade
  • Add 2 berry tea bags and boiled water
  • Cover the cup and leave for 5 minutes.

It is so good and delicious. The aroma of oranges together with lemon and cinnamon make this recipe a real delight.

Try it and you won’t get tired of it.

We have prepared a delicious photo gallery that we hope will inspire you and at the same time relax you.


We thank you for following us and we look forward to your visit.

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