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Egypt and the beauty secrets

 width=We hope that you share a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. And because the last night of this year approaches, and the Ladies will want to look beautiful, we provide them with the secrets of Egypt to help them shine on New Year’s Eve.

Beauty. Who determines what is beautiful and what is not beautiful? Throughout history, this concept has evolved in one direction, but then moved in the opposite direction. What we define to be beautiful, it is likely that in another century, people believed to be ugly. Yet, one thing is certain. It is very important for people, especially women, to be considered pleasant at sight. width=Women of every nation have discovered different secrets that helped them being attractive. For example, women in Chile used red grapes to have glowing complexion, Japanese maintained their flawless skin with camellia oil, Scandinavian women use spring water to clean their skin, and Russians use coffee to peel their skin. But the most famous secrets of beauty come from Egypt. Of course, we are talking about Cleopatra, who bathed in goat and she-donkey milk to maintain the youth of her skin and thus her beauty. width=Cleopatra won strong men, so she must have been very beautiful. Maintenance of her beauty ritual was complex, but definitely worthwhile. Cleopatra was one of the most beautiful women in the world. Let’s take a tour of her secrets. Baths in goat or donkey milk and honey, moisturize and soften the skin and also restore the skin elasticity, soothe irritation and heal conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. And all this due to lactic acid in milk and healing and antiseptic properties of honey. width=For exfoliation Cleopatra used Dead Sea salt. Ancient documents mention a mixture of honey, sodium bicarbonate and salt from the Dead Sea. And to get a nice smell she used some sort of incense and of myrrh. For women with dry, sensitive and irritated skin, black cumin oil has calming, anti-inflammatory and revitalizing effect.

Other beauty secrets of Cleopatra are Amrette oil seeds, which have a great scent and are very moisturizing and protect against sunlight, Aloe extract pulp making beautiful skin with which Cleopatra maintained her eyes beautiful. In addition, Cleopatra used a face mask of beeswax, herbs juice and powder grass to hydrate, restore skin suppleness and prevent wrinkles. One thing that Cleopatra understand very well is that the secret is to prevent, not treat. width=To add color you her beautiful outfits, Cleopatra applied on nails and feet henna, and to adorn eyes, but also to heal the infection from sand storms and the sun, queen of Egypt used Kohl. In order to lengthen lashes, she used castor oil and the nice blue makeup on her eyelids was made from chamomile.

Cleopatra had a lot of slaves who help her through all the rituals of maintaining her beauty. For you there is Vitarium Spa that invites you to discover in Hotel Alpin Poiana Brasov the perfect place for relaxation and beauty rituals that will spoil your senses and will refresh you. Vitarium Spa provides solutions to find the perfect balance between wellness, beauty, authenticity and refinement. width= width= width=

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