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Easter 2012 by Alpin Hotel


Easter is one of the most important celebrations of Christianity, for which each of us prepare long before, through the lent kept with faith („Lent” also called „The Great Lent”, lasting 48 days; is the longest and toughest of the four lents of Orthodox Church).
Easter may be associated with spring, awakening of nature to life that symbolizes the new life that Christians have won by crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

Special charm is given by the religious, and the traditions and symbols of Easter: egg painting, bunny, and Easter lunch with traditional food – sweet bread, Easter cake, lamb, and taking the light on Saturday night mass.

It is customary for people to leave the church in Resurrection night holding a lighted candle. It is lit at midnight from the priest, who urges them to come receive the light while singing „Christ has Risen …” and thus keep the candle lit throughout the ceremony. They say it’s good luck if the candlelight does not extinguish till you get home. The candle is put out while sitting under the beam of the house/apartment and many people keep it all through the year so to light it in case of danger/trouble or during storms.

One of the oldest symbols in the world is Easter egg that symbolizes resurrection, Christ’s blood.

Knocking eggs represents the divine sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins. Tradition considers using the red color for painting the eggs has healing powers and banishes evil, bringing health, beauty and wealth. Red symbolizes both the fire that purifies, and blood of Jesus, crucified for the salvation of mankind sins.

The most common legend is found in red eggs folklore which says that Mary Magdalene, came to his son, laid the basket with eggs near the cross, thus redness is the blood of Jesus. Seeing red eggs, Christ said: „From now on you and you get red eggs remembrance of my crucifixion.”

It is important to clean your soul: Easter is rather light, the resurrection, the rebirth, the beginning!

We should try to be better, cherish the loved ones, appreciate what we have and, let us not lust for the goods that our neighbors have, enjoy the successes of those around us, do not forget to smile, to encourage those who need us and even ourselves.



Hotel Alpin is here for you also in 2012!
Spend Easter with us!

We offer a stay of 5 days / 4 nights + 1 night gift packages containing accommodation and dinner along after, Easter dinner, outdoor party, traditional Easter dinner. We have many surprises for children. Gifts and surprise parties.

Complete offer can be found at www.hotelalpin.ro

For those who want to go to church the night of the Resurrection, it is important to note that the distance between our hotel and wooden church of St. John the Baptist is 10 minutes by walking. There are only 500 meters!

During March 15th – 19th, 5% discount for Easter offer! Call now for discount booking!
Phone: 0721266839


We’re expecting you!