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Culinary magic of Tara Barsei III


We continue our series of articles on the cuisine from Tara Barsei, presenting you today an absolutely delicious recipe: Potato soup with smoked white and tarragon.

Do not think anyone whose taste buds have not been in ecstatic taste of Romanian cuisine.
Unfortunately, these habits have kept more in rural areas where our traditions still exist.
To get to work!

We must remember that there are no rules and limits kitchen!! Creative spirit of each of us has a free hand to do what he wants when cooking!
Preparation today, as I said is white potato soup with smoked and tarragon.


The ingredients we need are:
• Smoked Pork (you can choose depending on what we find in the market, bone, bones, spinal).
• Vegetables (onion 2 pcs, 3 pcs potatoes, carrots, 2 pieces, 1 piece of parsley root, celery 1 pc. Small)
• Cream (200 gr)
• Eggs (1 pc)
• Salt (to taste)
• Pepper (to taste)
• Tarragon (if 2 tablespoons dried, if fresh 1 bunch)


In some areas at the end put vinegar, buttermilk or whey, but that is up to you, depending on taste and how you can find all the ingredients to buy. Whey is a little hard to find but that does not mean you cannot improvise, forcing milk sweet to sour quickly (about 20 min) and adding 3 tablespoons of vinegar.


In a pot boil in cold smoked meat. Cream the water regularly until it becomes clear. We temper in a little oil in a pan, finely chopped vegetables (onion, carrot, celery and parsley) until they become soft. Avoid to put too much oil when we temper the vegetables. Pork fat is a bit anyway.

 width=Add vegetables to the meat quality. When they are almost cooked, put the potatoes and cut into cubes and wash the starch. We leave everything to the boil.
If we add potatoes along with the vegetables, they will break. Root vegetables require a long cooking time (celery, carrot, parsley).

 width=You can add depending on your taste 2 cloves of garlic and some bay leaves. It is not compulsory!
When everything is cooked, mix egg with sour cream, salt and pepper and add to pot. Longer boil for about 5 minutes max.
If fire is too strong or if I leave the pot on the fire longer, you risk getting cheesy.
Prior to extinguish the fire, add tarragon, put the lid, and move the stove, another eye on the stove.
Before serving, sprinkle the dish you please to look over a little tarragon.
We mentioned above that can add to taste, vinegar or buttermilk or whey. If you decide to acidified soup with one of the ingredients mentioned, this adds up to the end. Vinegar must be put after put of the fire, whey or buttermilk with sour cream.

Bon appetite!!


For a culinary journey in Tara Barsei or a maximum pampering taste buds, gourmet or not, we expect everyone at Hotel Alpin with delicious and exquisite meals.
Drop the hot weather! Welcome to ALPIN a delicious meal and a little cooler!


Photo source: http://www.turculturalbrasov.ro / http://gurmandino.ro