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Culinary magic of Tara Barsei II

A week ago we started a series of articles about Tara Barsei, about its traditional food and the legends about this wonderful land. Today we continue this culinary journey through the ingredients and the wonderful stories that spice up this land.

Today we decided to fragrant your thoughts with a local legend. If you just thought: „Ah! I will hear again the story with the vampires! „, you are so wrong. There won’t be a vampire story, but it will still be about something sharp.And that is the spines of the roses.

The legend of the Rose Valley
There! We unveiled the mystery. We will tell about a valley of roses, but certainly not the one in Bulgaria, but one from Romania. Because yes, we also have one. At Rasnov!

 width=It is said that long time ago, the first immigrants arrived in Tara Barsei were serveral men. It seems that they went riding along the river until they reached Ghimbasel where oncee it was the Land Fortress. There, being tired, they stopped to rest. One of them climbed one of the sorriunding hills to admire the area. And when he reached the peak … an extraordinary view stretched before his eyes: the whole valley, and the place where now is Rasnov city was full of roses in bloom. He returned to his friends and called them to see and wonder. Then they decided that the name of that area should be Rose Valley. Even the name of Rasnov Fortress comes from Rosenau – Rose Valley.

Because we determined you to think of roses, at their fragrance and perhaps even at rose jam, let’s see what good desserts we can find in old books of local dishes.


Jufla cake
This is an extinct sweet, perhaps because hemp cultivation is now banned. But here’s a successful recipe that replaces hemp with pumpkin seeds. But because all our grandmothers did this cake „by eye”, we can not provide exact amounts. Here’s the recipe:
Fry and then finely chop (in the blender, then mincer) pumpkin seeds.


Then, from a dough made from flour, water and salt make cakes that are baked on a board on the stove.


Then you have to put them in the oven on the back of an oven tray to dry better – they must be very dry.

Pour water over the chopped pumpkin seeds, and pass this mixture through a fine sieve to separate the walnuts.


After you pass it through a sieve and you can pass them through gauze to obtain a fine mixture.
Put the water and the walnuts on the fire, but not to boil, only to get warm so that the cream separates from the water.


The cream will rise on the top of the water but you must be careful not to boil the water because otherwise you cannot take only the cream. In the places where it seems that it starts to boil pour a cup of cold water to stop the boiling.

Then take the cream from the top of the water, then mix it with the chopped walnuts, sugar, lemon zest and essences.
Then break the cakes and soak them in water that remained after the cream has been taken and put it in the stove tray alternating layers of cake and cream.

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You should let it rest one day for the cakes to absorb all the cream.


We hope you enjoyed the today’s desert. Remember that Alpin Hotel is waiting for you with great local desserts that will delight your taste buds. See you there!

More pictures and compelte recipe you find it here: http://www.petitchef.ro/retete/turta-cu-jufla-fid-1232260

Photo source: http://stiuunloc.ro, www.flickr.com