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Colon hydrotherapy – pure health


How many of us have an ordered life and proper nutrition, a balanced diet? Do we drink enough water? Do we fight enough against a sedentary way of living?
Let’s face it … It’s never enough what we do for our body. Often we do not realize that our health should come first. Always first!

We will present some general ideas about a therapy that exists since ancient times, about its importance and maybe this way we’ll convince you (again) that we stand by you.


What is colon hydrotherapy?

• is a traditional therapy, a method of detoxifying the body by cleaning the colon using irrigation with ozone water. The result of this therapy is to naturally remove all the toxins deposed on colon walls. Also, we recommend this therapy to those who are about to undergo surgery or different methods of investigation (colonoscopy, biopsies), thereby ensuring the accuracy of diagnosis.
• It is important not to be confused with the enema. They are two different things. Enema clean only the first part of the colon and rectal area. Colon hydrotherapy is more efficient because it provides complete cleaning of all surfaces of the large intestine. Using delicate water at body temperature helps moisturize, toning and colon cleansing of impurities that will work like new.



Generally, women are concerned about their appearance and one of the biggest enemies is cellulite and eternal diet that has or does not have results.
This therapy is recommended to all those who start a diet or change their diet, those who desperately want to quit smoking or alcohol, those who wish to improve the efficiency of metabolism, those who were given antibiotics for an extended period.
You should see a doctor before you decide to follow such therapy.


Colon hydrotherapy sessions are not recommended for pregnant women, at mense, those who suffer from epilepsy, anal fissures, hemorrhoids, rectal cancer, hernia or recent abdominal surgery, severe anemia and others.
What’s about the session?
A session lasts approximately 45 minutes and is monitored continuously by computer and hydro therapist.
Patient will lay on the bed and the hydro therapist will massage the patient’s abdomen, helping this way to eliminate additional residues. The process is painless, patients define it as relaxing and comfortable.

Inserting in the entire length of the colon accurately a quantity of water at body temperature,water prepared for treatment is discharged through a transparent tube through which you can see what comes out, dissolving and eliminating toxins.

You can see the benefits even after one session, but you’ll have to discover for yourself!

Eliminating the dirt on the colon walls can’t be done in one day.
Depending on everyone’s condition, are recommended minimum 3, maximum 10 sessions.
Once a year is advisable to make a body detoxification, of colon.


There are quite a lot just to be listed here, so we present only some of the benefits of colon hydrotherapy:
• Detoxify the entire body
• Maintenance of body
• Boosts Energy
• Regularly transit
• Adjusting the menstrual cycle
• Diets will have a fast and lasting effect
• Treatment of severe acne and cellulite
• Increase and stimulate the body’s immunity level
• Body becomes more vivid and more energetic.


What kind of device is used?

It is used a sterile equipment, a special device, computer monitored with disposable tubes, the procedure being performed in a closed system, allowing all the intestinal contents to be transported directly to the exhaust system, excluding the possibility of disturbing odor or other unpleasant situations.

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Where can I have a session of colon hydrotherapy?

Vitarium Spa within Hotel Alpin proposes you a ritual of complete body detoxification, in addition with colon hydrotherapy, including other procedures which will be detailed in the following articles.
For more questions about the procedure, prices, involving how to prepare, you may contact Mr. Sebastian Gongu (Alpine Spa manager) at spamanager@hotelapin.ro




P.S.  This will be your state of mind after the first session 🙂