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Castles in Romania

 width=Castles are probably the most attractive and mysterious places. All stories with princes and princesses describe on many lines the beauty and magic of at least one castle. As children we dreamed of our own castle on the halls of which we would play hide-and-seek or near which we would have our own fish pond.

Used as much as other great holiday destinations, often forget that we even close to what we want to visit. Romania has many castles, of which only some are better known.
We thought starting a miniseries presentation of all castles in Romania was a great idea. To awaken interest, we begin today with six of the most beautiful of them.


I. Castles near Brasov

1. Bran Castle
This beautiful castle, dominating the area from the top of a cliff, has inspired many legends, and also inspired Jules Verne who, charmed by the beauty of the castle’s area wrote „Castle in the Carpathians”.

It was built in 1377 by Brasov and since then Bran guards the entrance to the corridor. It is said that it is haunted by the ghost of Dracula (about whom we will have soon a special post), which enhances its charm even more. Once inside the gates of the castle, you get lost in another world, full of grandeur and good taste.

Following the horrifying secret stairs, you will visit the council hall, the castle prison, the arms room, the lovely courtyard where you will discover the Fountain of Desires, which is believed to bring good luck as Trevi Fountain in Rome does. Thus, some people throw coins at the bottom of the well, while weaving with their mind power their deepest and most burning dreams.

You cannot leave here without climbing the ramparts, from where the view of the mountains is wonderful.

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2. Peles and Pelisor Castle
Peles Castle is considered one of the most beautiful castles in the Balkans, even in Europe. Its construction began in 1873 and was completed in 1914. The initiative belonged to the first King of Romania, Carol I and was his summer residence, but it also was invested with cultural and political functions. Having its own power plant, Peles was the first electrified castle in Europe.

Shortly after he started building this castle, he  started building Pelisor. It is considered to be the „baby” of Peles Castle, being similar in style, but also bringing a touch of modernism. Pelisor was the residence of Ferdinand I and Queen Maria of Romania and was decorated by Queen Mary herself.
Peles Castle and all the other buildings on the Peles domain (Pelisor, Foisor, hunting house, etc.) were confiscated by the communist regime, but after its fall, it was opened to visitors as National Museum.
In June 2008 took place the official return of the Royal Family to Peles Castle. Their Majesties King Mihai and Queen Ana, together with their Royal Highnesses Princess Margareta and Prince Radu welcomed with a smile the ones who came to see the return to normality.
His Majesty King Mihai I decided that the castle’s destination as museum shopuld be maintained, Castle Pelisor should be used by the Royal Family and Foisor Castel to be used by the Romanian sate as a protocol residence.

This is only a part of the wonders you can find around the city. We invite you to shelter in the rooms of Alpin Hotel, where you will be treated like royalty and from where you can easily reach each of the above castles.


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