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BRASOV Oktoberfest 2012

 width=Autumn has come! We found for you the best way to spend this weekend! Everyone is expected to Brasov cause starting today until Sunday September 6 and September 9, there will be the festival Oktoberfest 2012!

Is an excellent opportunity to check a point on the list of things that need to be made – participation in one edition of Oktoberfest – or … we apologize, but it sounds better in English … The Bucket List!

The place is Sports Arena „Ion Tiriac” in Brasov and the program is daily between 11h and 23h.
To avoid various troubles about finding a parking place and not to be tempted to get behind the wheel after drinking even one beer, organizers advise you to leave your car at home or in the parking lot at Universal, Baritiu or Drumul Poienii.

The origin of this celebration comes from Germany and translation meaning „Feast of October” in dialect d’Wiesn, is one of the largest folk festivals in the world.
Takes place annually, and even if the first festival took place in Bavaria in 1810, today we meet worldwide: most European countries, USA, Canada, Brazil, China, Australia, Thailand, etc.. and everywhere with the same name.

It is very funny when we discover the meaning of some Romanian words in other languages. For example: translation from Romanian into German of „Cheers” when toasted that means „stupid”!!


The festival will be opened by carriages parade, followed by the most awaited moment! When the mayor of Brasov with President DWK will pierce oversized beer barrel! It will be the signal to start the party, will flow rivers of beer, prizes, music, dancing and great moments!

This is the 4th consecutive year in which Wirbelwind, the famous band plays every night of Oktoberfest Brasov. Not to be missed!

One of the most anticipated moments is the ‘Miss! The only contest in which there is only one rule: the participant must be over 18 years old! Otherwise, 90-60-90 standard really does not matter! Winner must convince the jury that she has the Oktoberfest spirit and is a cheerful, voluble person. The prize will consist of a beer dispenser mounted right at winner’s home!

 width=And to convince you, you have to know that there was a winner in the past who had the respectable age of 84 years! So … my darlings …. to sign up click on the link below!!


 width=There are many things to see and do!

Fanfare, dancing, souvenir shops where you can buy traditional German costumes, Bavarian culinary delights, contests with thousands of prizes, live music, and much, much more. You can even book a table!

 width= width= width= width=For more details about the festival click on the link
http://www.oktoberfestromania.ro/ #

If we haven’t convinced you, click the link below where you can watch live what is happening right now at Oktoberfest Brasov.

SPOT BRASOV Oktoberfest 2011

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The distance traveled by car between our hotel and center of Brasov is only 13 km!

We are waiting for you!


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