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Brasov and the Emmy Awards

What connection could there be between Brasov and the Emmy Awards? You may think there is none. But if we take a peek in the movies world, we find out that there is a connection. And it’s a recent and important one.

For its performance in the production “The Hatfields and McCoys”, Kevin Costner was awarded an Emmy for outstanding lead actor in a miniseries/TV movie. width=During the Emmy awarding ceremony, the actor wanted to thank the Romanians and especially to the people in Brasov. He also thanked the filming crew (Castle Film) which helped a lot. width=Below you can find a link where you can watch Kevin Costner’s speech:


 Why did he thank the people in Brasov? Because most of the filming for this miniseries was made in the area of Brasov. In Cheisoara, near Rasnov was  built a 1800 American country cognac distilery. The set preparation took more that one month, and the one who took care of this was Ion Adamuta, mountain rescuer at Salvamont Rasnov. He also made the set for «Cold Mountain» (with Nicole Kidman and Jude Law) – this movie was filmed in the same location. width=For the miniseries “The Hatfields and McCoys”, Ion Adamuta made the houses, the jail, the sawmill, the gibbet and all that was necessary to recreate the athmosphere from Virginia, during the Recession War. width=Everything was made ​​of wood, built with the help of nails and made ​​so as to appear to be old. Although a lot of effort was made to do everything to be as truthful, all sets will be destroyed after the shooting because of copyright.

Because the film reproduces a time when there were no cars, horses were needed. They came from the stud of Rasnov; 20 horses and two mules were leased. width= width=The production „The Hatfields and McCoys” was filmed by 29 October last year at Rasnov. Kevin Costner was accomodated in Poiana Brasov, so we expect you to Hotel Alpin in Poiana Brasov just to have a chance to take a stroll on the places where the famous actor lived for several months or to take carriage ride drawn by the star horses from Rasnov stud. width=