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Black Friday

 width=After the Romanians borrowed Valentine’s Day and Halloween from the Americans, we adopted another event. It is virtually impossible not to have heard at least on the TV about „Black Friday”. Black Friday is the name given to the day that follows the American Thanksgiving and it represents the start to the shopping for holidays. The British variant of this day is Boxing Day, but this is on the second day of Christmas, on December 26.

It was first used in Philadelphia by the police to describe the hellish traffic of cars and pedestrians after Thanksgiving. The term began to be used in the sense of promotions before 1961 and surpassed Philadelphia city boundaries around the year 1975. Later, it began to be used also another explanation: Black Friday is that point where traders begin to make profit or are „in the black”. width=To be more precise, on „Black Friday” traders want to open the stores at midnight or later and attract customers with numerous promotions, sometimes even of 80%. The significant promotions that merchants practice are very attractive to buyers, leading to violence, arrests and even deaths. A woman wanted to reach the shelf with Xbox’s. Because the crowd was large and she failed to approach the desired location, the woman got a pepper spray out of her purse and began to make her way through the crowd. She managed to get the product and went home victorious. This event took place in Los Angeles, in a Walmart store on the night before Black Friday. width=Another unfortunate event happened in Valley Stream, New York, in front of a Walmart store, where a crowd of 2000 buyers started to become anxious while waiting for the doors of the store to open, scheduled for 5 o’clock. When the doors opened, the crowd was pushed around by entering the store, stepping up and leading to the death of a young man of 34 years. The list of events of this kind is very long, unfortunately. width=In recent years a trend has emerged, that of beginning this promotion on Thursday, thus Black Friday turning into Black Thursaday, on Thanksgiving Day. Another term that becomes more and more common is Cyber Monday, the online version of this day.


Hotel Alpin in Poiana Brasov does not participate to Black Friday because we always have attractive offers. Thus, you don’t have to expect a special day to enjoy luxury at affordable prices. width=Sources