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Bizarre SPA treatments

 width=Generally, when you go to a spa, you go because you want a moment of relaxation and refreshment of the body.

Lately, wanting to keep up with the crazy times we live in, the range of services offered has expanded, reaching extreme unexpected. Starting with classic treatments (grain cleaning, mask with honey, milk, etc.) to original (mask with 24k gold foil) or shocking treatments (snails or snakes).

We’ll try to present some of these treatments.
 width= width=Among the most bizarre (and this is not the word, for they know not how many ladies would choose such a clean treatment) is obtained massage with some of the most feared creatures of the earth, snakes massage. Massage is done by living reptiles of various sizes, ages, sizes, and all no venomous. Snakes are placed on the patient by giving him a relaxing massage (really?), which help soothe aching muscles and reduces headaches. For a deep massage to choose large snakes, for a gentle massage, soothing, with sensations of vibration is chosen smaller snakes.
One thing is certain!! This type of massage is not for the faint of heart!!


http://www.time.com/time/video/player/0, 32068.1815811898 _1844151, 00.html
Anti-aging mask worm
This treatment is known as African Snails treatment that helps regenerate the skin, eliminating wrinkles and scars. So cannot use any snails if you are tempted to apply this type of treatment. Some people consider the fountain of youth. Mollusks’ of different sizes are placed on the face and body.

 width=Pedicure with fish

The initial aim of this treatment was for people with psoriasis, a spa treatment but not considered a curative treatment option, being conducted with two species of fishes: Garr rufa and Cyprinion Macrostomum from Turkey. These small fish eat dead skin from the affected areas, leaving healthy skin to grow.

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Bathroom in Beer
You read that right! Yes! Bath in a pool filled with beer! Or filled with wine, coffee, sake or green tea! These types of treatments are common in Japan.
The beneficial effects? Cleanse and moisturize skin.
For true fans of Beaujolais Nouveau wine is not content to consume it, they can choose to swim in a tank filled with this type of wine. It is advisable to drink wine straight from the pool, and if you want to drink a glass of wine, sommelier of the Service will pour into the glass.
Basins containing coffee made with real coffee hot spring water, which is a type of effective treatment, the recovery from fatigue and to beautify the skin.

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Bathroom in soup
Also in Japan find a resort where guests can opt for a dip in a pool of soup! Basin is shaped like a giant bowl filled with water is a strong pepper flavor Ramen soup. Pepper aroma helps to relax the body and refreshing.

Evian water bath
We have reached the most expensive spa treatment! Bath in a tub filled with Evian water. For this type of treatment have to pay around $ 11,000 and flew up in Miami Florida. The beneficial effects? Revitalize skin and senses purified.
We believe that if you buy several bottles of Evian water and you fill your bathtub will cost more than $ 11,000.

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Caviar facial mask
Caviar is rich in protein and deeply nourishes skin, improve cell metabolism, increase skin firmness and antioxidant properties. This treatment is not indicated for pregnant women.


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