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Bizarre SPA treatments II

 width=Some time ago we presented you a ranking of the most strange spa treatments, including anti-aging snail mask, soup bath or massage with snakes.

To not think that quirks in spa treatments stop there, we will present in this article a few other ways that ladies and not only can maintain beautiful skin and relax. width=We don’t want to know how the benefits of this treatment were discovered, but bull sperm seems to have positive effects on hair, leaving it soft, shiny and strong. What is the secret? It penetrates … every strand of hair.

And if you thought the above treatment is the most strange, you are dead wrong! Walking down the street, above you are flying birds and you watch them fly and you dream away, on vacation, when, suddenly, on the clothes lands bird turd, ruining your relaxation time. Certainly it seems strange, but some people pay good money to enjoy the guanine found in bird droppings. Guanine is a nucleotide that lights the skin and helps cleanse it of impurities. width=Have you decided to make a pie? What a good idea! And while you prepare the dough, why not put over your eyes some dough with a little more butter? It seems to help tired, irritated eyes, and can even reduce glaucoma.

From the category of baths in strange liquids, leaving aside the goat and donkey milk in which Cleopatra bathed, today, some people want to dive into a bathtub full of Japanese sake. It looks like it has great effects on the skin. width=From Finland comes another exciting therapy, namely cryotherapy. It consists of heating and then cooling the body, repeating the procedure until you feel as much refreshed as you want. Alternatively, you can enter a cold room at -110 ° C just for a few minutes; otherwise you risk hypothermia and death.

We conclude this list of strange spa treatments with something unique: bath sounds. The session lasts 30 minutes and the ones interested take part in sonic sessions. They sit on carpets in a wooden room shaped as a dome and listen to music made by quartz crystal bowls, whose sounds it is said that align the chakras (energy centers). width=Hotel Alpin is waiting you to Vitarium Spa, the highest rated spa in the country, where you benefit of the most exclusive and relaxing treatments. Some of these treatments are used by Hollywood stars; you can benefit from innovative products such as Asla Vital. In addition, the hotel’s location being in the middle of nature, Vitarium Spa is a real relaxation and pampering oasis.