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„Bachelor” at Hotel ALPIN


We all know the show „Bachelor” produced and broadcasted by Antena 1 TV station.
It’s an entertainment program having a successful international format which consists in finding a match for a bachelor that goes into society.
The first season debuted in 2010, having as a bachelor Mr. Botezatu, season won by Violeta Babilic; this edition had the largest audience in the summer of 2010.

The second season (2011) had as a bachelor Mr. Edward Smith Strohlen, season won by Ana Maria Savu.

The third season that began on March 1, 2012 has as protagonist Vladimir Draghia. We are curious to see who will choose Vlad the end of the show.

Original format of the program was launched in 2002 on ABC in the United Stale. The show has created dependency and helped many people to get their pair.

Show goes like this! Choose a bachelor sexy and single, looking for his half, to which a number of ladies, about 20 is presented, bachelor spend less time with each of the competitors, then each one will eliminate the competition till reach the finals and the bachelor chooses the one which is the closest to his heart.

Obviously there are turnarounds that make a torch show, but for such details will have to watch the show.

Hotel Alpin was honored to host the penultimate episode filming of the 2011 edition and episode 4 of the current edition.


Mr. Botezatu was kind enough to answer some questions. We present you the mini-interview.

Alpin: Mr. Botezatu what made you choose our location for filming?
C.B: I think it’s the nicest hotel in Poiana Brasov, a bidder location, decorated with style and good taste, and the spa is my favorite. In addition, the Alpin apartments make you feel at home, so that’s how I feel when I come here, I came to my mountain rest house. I have a special relationship with employers and managers of this place, but that did not matter in my choice. The fact that Alpin is a beautiful location, a hotel with impeccable service as I would like to see everywhere in this country.

Alpin: How did you interact with the Alpin team?
C.B: Very good, Alpin has a very good PR moving in real time, just like me. When I make a request I demand to get a quick answer, and that’s how it happens to them every time. There’s nothing to blame, in fact I have relationships with people working in hotel, I was there so many times, so we became friends.

Alpin: Making a comparison between other locations where you filmed, where is situated Hotel Alpin?
C.B: The top and proudly say, we have in this country wonderful places and locations, which I, through Bachelor’s and Next Top Model, I’m trying to promote them, not to look for a holiday abroad, our country is so beautiful and so tender, that I as a Romanian I want these programs, to be like, a sort of tour guide, to discover exceptional places to delight your heart.

Alpin: For us it was an honor and a real pleasure to have you as a guest. We hope to return soon.
C.B: Me too and I hope to be back soon, I think on Easter.