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Authenticity and creativity

 width=When you write articles for a blog, there always is a big question mark regarding the unique character of the articles you sign. So we thought we should write an article that will show that Hotel Alpin team is authentic and creative.

When we want to write an article, first you think what topic you should tackle. Surely it must be something that attracts interest. Then comes the research phase, the phase in which the author of the future article reads dozens of articles, books, brochures, watches videos, and does everything possible to ensure that they have all the information needed.

Another important thing when writing an article is that we must ensure that we provide accurate, updated information. Thus, we try and we often succeed to make contact with the persons the article is about.

And not to talk only about theory, we will give the example of a situation that arose when writing an article about „The largest, most expensive, most …” hotel in the world. We did thorough research (which we always do) to make sure that we do not provide false information. When we got to the part with the most expensive hotel room, on several web pages of certain televisions which are supposed to be reliable, we come across an incredible, even suspiciously high amount of money.

 width=With many questions in our mind about the amount and a curiosity worthy of a famous journalist, we have contacted the hotel Grand Resort Lagonissi in Athens, which was supposed to have rooms for rent at a rate of $ 50,000 per night. Yes, you read that right. $ 50,000. Unbelievable, is not it? Especially when Greece was already facing serious financial problems. That is why we have contacted Public Relations department of the hotel to check the information.

Their answer came shortly, which we enjoyed greatly. No such tariffs were practiced in their hotel. Therefore, we were able to inform you correctly about the hotels superlatives around the world and we did not just copied, without any discernment, information collected by others, with the sole purpose of checking yet another article.

Why do we insist on giving you so many details of the backstage of writing an article? Because it is extremely important for us to convince you that the articles appearing on Hotel Alpin blog are 100% original and authentic. Because we want to offer quality, accurate information that will be helpful to you.

We want to ensure you that our team works under the same authenticity, creativity and interest when preparing our hotel to receive our guests. We are waiting for you at Hotel Alpin to convince yourself about this.