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ALPIN Italian cuisine


Today we present you a recipe, as simple as it is delicious.

We’re not the first to say that the simplest things are often the best, but it is perfectly true. This principle applies not only in the kitchen but also in fashion, for example.

But we stick to our plates without getting into debates with fans of Coco Chanel!

The recipe we will talk about today is Bruschette with tomatoes and parmesan!

It is the appetizer which won the greatest popularity and is ordered most often in our restaurants at ALPIN.


History and origin of Bruscheta is very simple to guess … Italy!

Italian word ” bruscare” means „to roast over coals” and ” brusciare ” means „to burn or fry” where it comes from and how it was made first Bruscheta.

Original recipe dating from the 15th century has been preserved until today. It contains bread (ciabatta or French baguette) garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil.

If you travel to Italy and you order at a restaurant „Bruscheta” you’ll get the version presented above. Toast with garlic. If you use the plural, „Bruschete”, you will receive Bruscheta with different toppings, tomato, onion, garlic, garlic sauce, salami, etc etc.


But let’s get to work!

So, for our recipe „Bruchete with tomatoes and Parmesan” we need:

sliced ​​fresh bread (ciabatta or baguette)


Olive oil



 width=Salt and pepper

 width=Red fresh tomatoes and strong as can be

 width=Red Onions

 width=Fresh Basil


Preparation takes 5 minutes preparation time 5 minutes, so a total of 10 minutes!

Quick, tasty, healthy, delicious!!



Cut bread in slices

Toast the bread

Cut the garlic in half and then anoint each slice of bread


Brush / sprinkle each slice of bread with olive oil

Sprinkle salt and pepper

In a bowl mix chopped tomatoes, chopped onion and basil. Add some olive oil and salt. This mixture should sit in the refrigerator about 1 h before being served. This will allow the flavors to blend.

Put a spoon full of mixture on a slice of bread

Sprinkle with grated Parmesan.



 width= width=

ALPINE wish you good appetite and is waiting you to dine in one of our restaurants!!

We’re expecting you!