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About Brasov….. Did you know?


  • Brasov was founded by the Teutonic Knights in 1211? According to the Encyclopedia of British, the city is first mentioned in documents as the Brasov, in 1251;
  • The first Paper Factory (or „mill” popular) in Romania was founded in Brasov? The event took place in 1546, 13 years after Johannes Honterus set up a printing house in town. However, the first paper mill on the present territory of Romania was founded in Sibiu in 1534 but in that time, Sibiu was not a Romanian town;
  • After terribly fire April 21, 1689, the authorities have banned wood construction? Currently the appearance of the city is due (at least in the old hearth of Brasov) this prohibition;
  • The term „brasoave”(fable), synonymous with falsehood, comes from Brasov merchant’s custom to exaggerate advertising of their products? There is another term „brasoveneste” which has the same meaning: „I talk „brasoveneste” means „telling only lies / fable”;
  • In 1850 Romanians were a minority in Brasov? Majority were Germans (Saxons), by 40.8%, followed by Romanians and Hungarians 40% to 13.4%. Proportions have changed but the census of 1930 and the Hungarians became a majority (34%), followed by Romania (31.7%) and Germans (31.2%). The 2002 Census of Saxon exodus signals that reach only 1,717 representatives (0.60% of the population);
  • In 1477 the Black Church is finished. Due to lack of funds, the second tower of the church will never be built;
  • The Black Church is the largest Gothic church in Transylvania and, as some historians assert, is the largest religious building between Vienna and Istanbul; Inside there is one of the biggest organs in Europe;
  • In Town Square – Piata Sfatului – once existed a pillar of infamy where witches were judged and where they applied corporal punishment those guilty of various public acts;
  • The earliest forms of civilization from Mount Tampa dates Dacians ancinet times;
  • Tampa Natural Reservation is the only one Natural Reserve in the world located in a city center;
  • On the alley at the foot of Tampa Mountain, through the wood benches, there is a small bank, carved in stone. The legend say a rock fell down from height, burying there two lovers. This fact is attested in 1817, the name Ana Maria is mentioned there, this is the name of the girl who was killed by rock;
  • From the ancient times, Poiana Brasov was a popular destination for ski and hiking;
  • In 1906 Poiana Brasov hosted the first ski competition;
  • In 1951 Poiana Brasov hosted the World University Winter Games;
  • Between September 8, 1950 and December 24, 1960 Brasov was called Stalin City, after Joseph Stalin, and was the capital of the county with the same name. It was declared a municipality on February 17, 1968;
  • The first edition of The Golden Stag Festival took place in 1968? Organized to improve Romania’s communist image abroad, the festival has a long life but is abolished by Nicolae Ceausescu in 1972. The 1969 edition Julio Iglesias attended, he did not win any prize but Luminita Dobrescu was the first Romanian artist who won Golden Stag;