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A legend chorus – Madrigal

In 1963, on April 11, Madrigal Chamber Choir was founded on the initiative of Marin Constantin. The choir’s name comes from a form of chamber music, a usually unaccompanied polyphonic music that emerged and developed at the sec. XVI-XVII in Italy. (Perhaps this is where the idea of the special costumes of the singers came from.) The texts of the Madrigals were lyrical texts that transmitted feelings or compliments addressed to women. width=Master Marin Constantin has gathered around him a group of graduates bound by a passion for choral music. Just one year after its establishment, the chorus already participated in the International Festival „George Enescu” in Bucharest. In 1968, the group was named the Professional Chorus of Conservatory „Porumbescu” in Bucharest; the same year its members began to receive wage for their artistic evolution. width=After this followed concerts after concerts and awards after awards, CDs and videos, national and international, that kept closer the connoisseur audiences but also brought closer non-connoisseurs who fell in love with the professional style and the desire to reach as close as possible to perfection in music of the Madrigal members. The number of Madrigal concerts amount to over 3,500.

 width=Over time, Madrigal Choir has become the most famous and most appreciated choir, a standard and a target for choral ensembles in Romania. In addition, it has become the most internationally known choir in Romania. Besides the great appreciation of the public that over time has become fidel, Madrigal has received numerous Romanian and international awards and honors.

Since 1996, by government decision, the choir’s name changed to National Chamber Choir Madrigal, and since 2011 the choir is conducted by Voicu Popescu. width=For the first time, Madrigal chose as concert city Brasov, where tomorrow, December 11, there is an extraordinary concert at Christmas. What is special about this concert is that the pieces will be presented in exactly the same order as they were registered for the first time on the vinyl disc, 45 years ago. The concert will be conducted by Voicu Popescu and Anna Ungureanu.



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