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8th of March


How many of you really know the significance of 8th of March?
How many of you know what is celebrated on this day?

Official recognition came from the General Assembly of the United Nations which set 8th of March „United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace”.
Internationally, the 8th of March is known as the International Day of Women, of those who fought for us women today to have equal rights, voting rights, right to education, social care, contraception, right to property and the divorce.

International Women’s Day was introduced in cultural celebrations in many countries. Although originally debuted socio-politically, 8th of March gradually turned to one special day when men express their love and affection for women.

8th of March 8 is considered as the first celebration of spring in many countries.


In Baltic’s countries, 8th of March place more emphasis on Mother’s Day. Children are offering small gifts and flowers to their mothers. (Remember all the cards we did in elementary school and the emotion that dominates us to handing the greeting card)
Also on this day, men give flowers to women who are almost as a token of gratitude, respect and love.

Did you know that in China, for example, women have free afternoon?

Tulip is a symbol of this day world, is praised for delicacy and popularity.

They say Mother’s Day has its origins in ancient Greece, the festival dedicated to mother of all gods and goddesses of Olympus, Rhea, and goddess of the earth. This was the wife of Cronus (the god of time) and the mother of all gods and goddesses of Olympus.
During the 1600s, in England, was celebrated the famous „Saturday Mothers” in the fourth week of Easter Lent. At that time, most people consisted of working poor for the rich and Mother’s Day, they celebrated in their master’s home, and mothers were given permission to spend with loved ones.

With the advent of Christianity, „Mother Church” gradually replaced „Mother Goddess”, the ceremony to honor Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.
How are you spending the 8th of March?

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