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Spring Camp ALPIN 2012


What are the best memories of childhood?
The ones from the holiday camp!
Remember how it was, how you were anxious to leave and no sleep while waiting eagerly for the morning to come and leave!
Some of us have kept the same feeling till now!

We live in a crazy world, a world where leisure time is becoming less.
Basically, many times, independently of our will, we are increasingly busy to give our child the attention he needs and play with him.

Children are dependent on parents to seek their understanding, attention and love.

How much is upset the little kid when he comes to you and says: „Mommy …. Come play with me” and because you have to finish an endless report for your boss, you tell with a trembling voice “Dear ….. I promise that tomorrow. Today mom has to work”.

So? How can you describe his facial expression?


Because hotel Alpin supports you, we sustain our offer – Spring Camp at Alpin!
Everything will be at its best!
Great conditions, super fun, super activities and lots of clean air!

Your child will get a varied program because the camp is designed so as to guide children to discover nature, to discover teamwork, socialization with other children of similar ages, to educate the kids by caring for nature, recycling, prevention of harmful habits to the environment, health and protection of animals and nature.

Things are very simple! You’ll give your child all the best cause you love and want him to be happy!


We will try to detail as exactly as possible the Alpin offer.

We start with outdoor activities list:

  • Climbing with a picnic in nature
  • Zip line and climbing at Adventure Park Brasov (transport is made by the hotel shuttle)
  • Fishing, riding, tennis (children will receive rods from our partners dealing with these activities, sports equipment required for riding)
  • Initiation for tourist orientation
  • Learn to survive and notions of first aid
  • Trips to the recognition of the route (Poiana Brasov – Brasov); children will be accompanied by two adults: a companion from the hotel and their companion (teacher, professor)
  • Excursion to Pestera, Valea Cetatii, Rasnov, with a picnic in nature
  • Camp fire and relax in the hotel garden
  • Contests and team games
  • Discover the historical center of Brasov
  • Trips to Bran, Dracula Castle, Haunted Castle and 5D Cinema (all museum tickets are paid by children, the program is in agreement with the group attendant)
  • Mountain bike competitions

Indoor activities:

  • Swimming pool and games (there is a swimming instructor)
  • Performances of plays
  • Club Adolescent: Wii, Air Power, Hokey, table tennis
  • Karaoke and farewell party
  • Awards and diplomas at the end of camp


Price of 399 euros / child represents accommodation package and is full board (picnic package is included).
This offer is valid for groups of minimum 10 children.
Companion (an adult) is free for the above mentioned services (accommodation, full board, picnic package).

Pay big attention when you pack the bag for the camp. I made a small list to help: underwear (6), pijamas (2), training (1), shirt (6), socks (6), slippers (1), strampi (3), sweater (2), cap (2), gloves (2), scarf (1), slip (1), bathrobe (1), shoes (1), winter boots (2), ski suit (1).


50001 Poiana Brasov, Romania
Phone: 0268 262 343