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1st of May in Brasov!

We  just ended Easter Holiday, that only few days are separating us from 1st of May!

We are already used and it has become a routine to spend 1st of May at the seaside, on the beach, to the forest with barbecue for fun.

Why don’t you try something else this year? More specifically, an escapade in Brasov, because we all know that mountain tan is more resistant, of course when weather allows you! Otherwise, what do you think of a ski tour in May? It is something else, isn’t it?

So, we get rid off the crowd from the seaside, enjoy the fresh mountain air and get out of the box!However, for those passionated by outdoor sports and outdoor walkings, this mini  „extended” weekend is an ideal opportunity to escape the bustle of the city, to recharge batteries and prepare for summer holidays.

It does not matter which are the weather predictions for this year. We all know that weather is cold at the seaside on 1st of May, most of the hotel rooms have no heating and we no longer like the idea to go on vacation with radiators in the trunk, carring the heating source. And I say this from my own experience.

There’s nothing you can do if it’s cold. What to do besides sitting in the room or to the hotel bar? What to visit? The windy beach?

This year, Hotel Alpin comes with an unmissable offer, an offer for the whole family and especially for a different 1st of May! And, as you have found out as we’ve already accustomed you, Hotel Alpin focuses on health.

Luxury accommodation, wellness, relaxation therapy, pool, jacuzzi, outdoor barbecue, outdoor walks and much, much more.
We do not want to practice our persuasion, only to present many of the advantages you have in such a vacation.

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Honestly, I fell in love with Brasov long time ago, with its medieval air, combined with modern culture, also updated and try not to miss any opportunity to see its history new and old, beauty, traditions and its excellent hosts!



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